Accelerate webinar success with lead hypertargeting

Accelerate on-demand webinar success with Allytics Predictive TargetingTM (APT) Webinars, fully managed AI-powered campaigns combining narrative best practices with audience hypertargeting and intent data.

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Go beyond MQLs to unlock IQLs — Intelligence Qualified LeadsTM

MQLs are the standard for lead generation and digital customer engagement, right? Introducing the new standard — IQLsTM! Powered by AI and Allytics’ proprietary toolset, the science of Allytics Predictive Targeting incorporates real-time data and audience intent signals to deliver engaged leads backed by actionable insights.

Icon SignalSense

Look deeper into organizations with SignalSenseTM

Look at a deeper set of actions and intentions of your massive superset of potential targets to pinpoint those most likely to engage or buy now.

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Leverage real-time intent data

Identify target audiences in real time based on intent and their point along the customer journey, gaining an understanding of context and propensity.

Icon AI Based Lead

Deploy AI-based lead generation

Take advantage of proprietary AI logic to identify, categorize, rationalize, and prioritize deeper ideal targets from among the many.

Icon Conversions

Bake conversion into campaigns

Ensure every critical step of your digital campaign has the mechanisms to drive conversion as each individual lead matures and travels down the customer journey.

How Allytics Predictive Targeting enhances your campaigns

Differentiate your digital campaigns with advanced analytics and AI that anticipates customer needs, boosting results by delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time.

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The Chemistry of Conversion

Allytics Predictive Targeting refines the essential elements from standard audience segmentation, filters out impurities, and distills higher-converting leads.

Easily reap the benefits of AI-driven webinar campaigns

Our proprietary method lifts the burden of producing, publishing, and promoting modern on-demand webinars. Fully managed APT Webinar campaigns combine narrative best practices with audience hypertargeting and intent data. We do the heavy lifting.

Fully-managed execution

From beginning to end, APT Webinar Campaigns come with white-glove service that covers end-to-end project management and campaign execution.

Narrative-driven content

Educate audiences on your solution by presenting its value through a rich and compelling narrative that we can help develop.

Multichannel promotion

Our campaign managers ensure your campaign reaches your ideal audience at the right time across their preferred channels.

Select your campaign plan

200 guaranteed IQLs

Essential leads package

Allytics builds a bespoke customer journey to drive webinar registrations and collect 200 hypertargeted leads.

300 guaranteed IQLs

Select leads package

Allytics fills the top of the sales funnel with 300 intent-driven leads for further reach and greater revenue impact.

300 premium IQLs

Premium leads package

Premium leads follow an extended customer journey, engaging with an additional asset touchpoint and passing a qualifying question.

Add-on assets

Learn more about Allytics’ GTM services.

Animated snackable video

Highlight the unique value of your joint offering with a 30-second animated teaser video including voice-over and background music.

Email nurture series

Activate existing leads with your current content by building a nurture email series designed to move leads down the funnel.

Campaign sales playbook

Enable your sales team with the campaign context they need to successfully follow up with the webinar registration leads.

Deliver the ideal narrative effectively to the right audiences with Allytics

Connecting with audiences requires more than just presenting facts. Communicating empathy and being able to connect with their day-to-day technology experiences help land critical messaging.

Icon Alliance Storytellers

Proven storytellers

Highlight your solution with the holistic value it brings, whether it’s a SaaS application, platform, joint solution, or something even more complex.

Icon Extend Marketing Team

Extend your marketing team

Treat Allytics as an extension of your marketing team. Scale GTM activities, drive new content initiatives, or bolster your team by filling in knowledge and skill gaps.

Icon Integration Experts

Technology integration experts

Allytics lives and breathes technology, and we know how to tell stories revolving around complex deployments with many integrations and differentiated technologies.

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